Why Choose Gateway Spine & Pain Physicians?

We know there is an endless and often overwhelming number of options when it comes to treating stubborn pain. Unfortunately, many of these may result in treatments that are unproven, ineffective, and potentially harmful leading to more frustration and suffering. When treating pain, time is of the essence and early choices can have long-term consequences. We believe it is of the utmost importantance to find the right providers as soon as possible to limit the negative impacts of chronic pain. Here is what separates our practice from the rest.

All Pain Physicians Are Not Created Equal

Not all physicians who treat pain have undergone the same degree of specialized training in Pain Medicine. In fact, many doctors who focus on the treatment of pain do not have formal, specialized training in the field. We encourage you carefully examine the level of training and experience of your existing or future pain care providers.

Comprehensive, Specialized Training

All physicians at Gateway have undergone the most extensive and rigorous training to be specialized in Pain Medicine. In addition to four years of undergraduate and four years of medical school, they have completed an additional five years of internship, residency, and accredited fellowship training. They have achieved board certification for both Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine through the American Board of Medical Specialties, the definitive credentialing body for physicians.

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100% Dedicated to Treating Pain

The field of Pain Medicine originally evolved as a subspecialty of Anesthesiology and has continued to grow considerably over the past several decades. In our opinion, the best-qualified and experienced physicians tend to be those that are exclusively dedicated to the treatment of pain. At Gateway, our physicians are 100% dedicated to the treatment of pain. We do not split our time between our practice and providing anesthesia in the operating room. We believe that our focus and experience allows us to be the most effective at what we do.

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Evidence Based Multi-modal Treatments

We are dedicated to utilizing the most up to date, cutting edge treatments to identify and target the sources of pain. For many of our procedures, we utilize x-ray and ultrasound imaging to better target areas that cause pain. Our goal is to minimize or eliminate that need for potentially habit-forming medications that often have significant side effects and risk.

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Confidence Through Experience

Gateway Spine & Pain Physicians has been dedicated to treating pain since 2007. Over the years, we have established a reputation of excellence throughout the Chicago region. Our priority is to always do the right thing for our patients. The physicians at Gateway have successfully treated thousands of patients suffering from pain, many of whom had already been to several other specialists. Within the general community, patients often find out about us by word of mouth, recommended by friends and family members. As testimony to our reputation within the medical community, our patients include many local area physicians, nurses, and hospital administrators.

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Cost Effective Treatments and Options

At Gateway, our goal is to provide you cost effective options to best treat your pain. Unlike most other pain practices, we offer an in-office procedure suite. This provides a comfortable, less intimidating environment. Importantly, the total charges billed are typically 5-7x lower compared with the same service performed at a hospital or surgical center. Our Bolingbrook office procedure suite is credentialed with the AAAHC (Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care) so you can rest assured that procedures performed in our office meet the highest standards with respect to safety and compliance. Of course, different patients have different needs, and as a result, we also perform procedures in hospitals and surgical centers when appropriate. Gateway is unique in that we provide you different options to best fit your needs.

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We invite you to find out for yourself what makes our practice different. We hope that you will give us an opportunity to help you better control your pain and restore your quality of life!

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